Financial Matter Management For
Client Transparency

Flexible. Visible. Proven. As the financial matter management platform, Umbria helps Law Firm Partners, Pricing Teams, & Legal Project Management Departments to better plan, alert as you go, monitor and report across all your matters.
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Meet Budget Expectations

Enhance Your Firms Efficiency through accurate and profitable matter plans.

Streamline Decision-Making

Make it easy for partners to decide on matter plans with What-If, Write-Down, and Burn Analysis.

Track Matter Progress

Keep track of matter spend & the KPIs that matter to the client with configurable and automated email alerts & notifications.

Transparency with Reporting

Streamline your reporting timeline to clients with customizable dashboards including Excel & PDF exports.

Empower Partners To Have Better Financial Conversations With Clients

80% of clients want to see budgets for their matters.

Partners need flexible budgets to meet client needs and monitor actuals. With the right data at their fingertips, partners can keep clients informed on matter progress and manage their teams to avoid write-downs and overruns.

What our clients have to say

“We needed a tool that would improve efficiency and accuracy while enabling detailed reporting without relying on scattered Excel sheets. Umbria provided us with the flexibility to set up matter structures and views that made sense for us. Other products were set on their look, and any required enhancements were either impossible or would take years to develop.”
Pricing Professional

AmLaw 100 Firm

“The early success we have witnessed has been crucial in creating the conditions for change within the firm. Our relationship partners are readily using Umbria’s sophisticated matter management functions. We expect that within five years, the partnership will look back at this program as the single biggest factor in the firm’s ongoing success.”

AmLaw 100 Firm

“As someone who sees all of the OCGs that come into our firm, I can plainly state that with rare exceptions, clients are requiring budgets in some fashion. It might be for every matter or just for matters over a certain threshold (e.g. $10,000 on the one I saw today). Law firms need to take note of this so they have the necessary resources and technology to support their client needs.”
Toby Brown

Perkins Coie LLP | Chief Practice Management Officer

How Umbria Works

Financial Matter Management for Client Transparency

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